First morning in Boracay = devotions on the beach!


The construction site at the Ministry Center...there is SO much to be done!


For instance...move all this sand to the SECOND bucket brigade!


"How many buckets do they HAVE?!!?" - Leah

"Yes, sir! Fired up, sir!" - OBI ready to work...

Alec taking a break & getting to know our new friends from Ashland, Ohio

Rachel W. shoveling some dirt.


Claire & Hannah working hard on the second floor


Alec is awesome


Josiah and Gabi having great fun doing construction


Man conquers dirt...what a successful first day!


After a hard day at work...we come back home to this...


First feeding site...performing "Stories" for the Ati tribe.

Doug serving food to the children.

This is a typical home in the Ati villages where we went for our first day


Wound care was heartbreaking...


Amanda caring for one of the little children.


Playing with the kids after the program, dinner and wound care...

Ashly and three of her new buddies

Joseph and the line of kids waiting to be thrown in the air...

Tarran and a HILARIOUS little boy...


Rich, Alec, Rachel G. & Leah helping with wound care


Emily, Gabi, Sam & Rachel G. handing out balloon animals

"Jersey" heading back to the boat to return to Boracay