Leah visiting with the kids at the elementary school


Rich, Gabi & Ashly teaching the kids the Hoedown Throwdown


Walking through the village after the school program


Tarran & Rachel playing with the Jungle Barn kids


Rachel G. & Amanda working on some plastering...


Claire, Rachel W. & Leah cutting wire for the rebar ties


Hannah sportin' a blue headband on "Headband Work Day"


Sarah C. & Gabi learning how to plaster walls


Emily joins in on the plastering adventure


The boys moving gravel from the second floor back down to the first...

Learning the Waka Waka dance...right. on. the. beach!

Emily sharing her faith in Jesus Christ at a public highschool


Dancing for the highschoolers

"Yes, Sara, I know Jesus is my Savior & He died for my sins...now, can I take my picture with that boy who looks like Justin Bieber??" - Magnolia (on the right)


Sam enjoying his Jonah's shake...