Our life here in Boracay has started to become pretty routine…you know…wake up, spend some time with the Lord, eat some ridiculously delicious pancakes,  walk to the Ministry Center, get dirty working, walk back to the Jungle Barn for lunch, swim in the ocean, go to a feeding site.  Our Filipino life really is too good to be true sometimes, and today was definitely one of those days.  Legit.
After breakfast, instead of walking to the Ministry Center in our sneakers and cementing clothes, we took a van to the pier and hopped on a boat wearing our swim suits and flip flops.  What for, one may ask??  Snorkling…obviously!  We spent a few hours hopping between islands seeing all the best snorkeling spots near Crocodile Island.  And oh the things we saw!  The water here is pretty clear so you can see basically all the way to the bottom anyways…but when you put on goggles it is absolutely INSANE what the naked eye misses!  There is no mistaking the existence of a Creator God after snorkeling.  And that is fact.  We saw purple, turquoise and bright orange fish…bright green coral…water snakes…and the bluest starfish we’ve ever laid eyes on.   It was ridiculous.  Such a wonderful morning relaxing a bit, taking a break from our fast pace, and being mesmerized by the beauty of God’s creation.  Our Filipino life really is too good to be true sometimes.
Once we had finished snorkeling we rode the boat all the way around the island and got dropped off on the beach right in front of the Jungle Barn.  For real?  Our Filipino life really is too good to be true sometimes.
We changed super quick and were back out the door within 45 minutes to get back on a boat to head to the Malay Malay Public High School on a nearby island.  School ended at 3pm and we wanted to be set up and ready to go by 2:30 to grab the student’s attention and encourage them to stay for our program.  The last time Dan Beaver took a group here to share the gospel, they were given 50 students from one class.  This time we were told the entire school was invited.  The entire school!  Not only was the whole school invited, but they had prepared a welcome ceremony for us, their “honored guests from the United States of America!”  We have never had a group of strangers so excited to see us before.  Ever.  And by “group of strangers” we are talking 400+ people.  The student body president had a welcome speech for us.  Another student talked about how honored they were to host us for the afternoon and how thankful the Filipino’s are for the US helping them to gain independence.  Another student sang a beautiful prayer asking the Lord to guide his path…he blew us all away with his incredible voice.  As a special surprise, a choir from one of the Ati tribes sang…a choir made up of people we’ve met and come to love this past week.  Seriously, special.  Our Filipino life really is too good to be true sometimes.
After the heartfelt welcome ceremony, we were given the stage to…well…share the Gospel, plain and simple.  Absolutely unheard of in the States to have a school say, “Nice to meet you, Sara & Josiah…here are all 500 of our students…tell them about Jesus.  We are so glad you are here!”  Too good to be true.
For the next hour and a half we danced some silly dances that got everyone up and moving…shared testimonies that explained how Christ has changed lives…used speech choir to boldly proclaim that Jesus is alive and has overcome the penalty for sin.  We danced joyfully, spoke boldly, played crazily, loved deeply and prayed sincerely for the high school students we met today.  How incredible it is to see the door God has opened here for His Word to be preached and for His glory to shine.  Just incredible.  We met so many kids today who are desperate for hope and for love…who are in need of a Savior.  Several of us met a 14 year old girl who lives on her own in a nearby village.  Her father is dead and her mother abandoned her for a man in Manila.  She has no siblings and no close relatives.  She goes to school during the day and works as a babysitter and cleaner at night to support herself.  Yet, through it all, she praises Jesus.  She thanks Him for the blessings He has given her and for the sacrifice He made for her on the cross.  We pray that she will make an impact on this school for Christ.  She was such an encouragement to us.  So…yea…we preached the gospel at a public school.  Our Filipino life really is too good to be true sometimes.
Our evening ended with a beautiful sunset back on Boracay, dinner out on the town and time to shop at some INSANE local malls (when something is called the D-Talipapa you KNOW it’s going to be awesome…) and hang out with each other.  It was a perfect day.  Our Filipino life really IS too good to be true.
From Boracay…Goodnight!