It is with heavy hearts that we fall asleep one last time in Boracay tonight.  It will be hard to leave this island in the morning…to leave the kids we’ve grown to love…the adults we’ve become friends with…and the amazing work that God is doing in and through these people.  It will be hard to leave the beauty of this island…it is simply stunning.
Today was our last day here, but it was definitely a full one.  Slightly insane and crazy and last minute, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.  In God’s perfect timing, the third floor of the ministry center was finally prepared to have concrete poured today, our very last day.  Even though our “schedule” did not have the ministry center listed today, we threw in one last rigorous manual labor session.  Rigorous…dirty…hard…crazy…tough.  In addition to the 18 of us, there were 10+ Filipino workers helping to pour concrete on the third floor.  In total, about 30 people were standing under the beating sun (the lucky ones standing under tarps) shoveling, mixing cement, moving rock and sand, helping with the bucket brigade and pouring concrete.  It was quite the sight from the top floor to see so many people working on so many different jobs simultaneously in such a small area.  We stayed through lunch today to help finish the cross beams in one section of the floor.  What an accomplishment!  The team worked so hard today with cheerful hearts and energetic spirits.
Covered in concrete and drenched in sweat, we made our final trek from the Ministry Center to the Jungle Barn.  However, only a few people actually made it back to the Jungle Barn right away.  The majority of the team walked right into the ocean to cool off and clean up.  Yep, in their clothes.  This is what we do on OBI.
In the afternoon, we headed off to our last two feeding sites.  Our last programs here on Boracay…our last time to ride tricycles and motorcycles…our last time to meet new kids and feed them a warm meal…our last afternoon to enjoy the beauty of this island.
Both groups met up for dinner on the beach as the sun was setting upon our final day.  We sat at a table sinking our feet into the soft white sand as thunderclouds loomed in the distance and before we knew it, the heavens opened and dumped upon us one last time.  It was a scrambled mad dash inside to finish our dinner, but we are used to that now so it was fitting to have one final storm as we said goodbye to this island.
We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with each other, playing with the kids at the Jungle Barn, singing, shopping, relaxing and packing.  It will definitely be difficult to leave this place in the morning.  We feel at home here.  We love the people here.  We love the ministry here.  We just love everything here.  The Lord is working on this island and working in our lives.  It’s been incredible.
OBI Mystery Quote of the Day – “I’ve learned two things on OBI…how to say goodbye.  And how to have fun!”
For the last time…from, Boracay…Goodnight!