Our night ended on a spectacular night tonight, as we spent an hour with God at an overlook on the actual Blue Ridge Parkway! The scenery was immaculate, and we could see layers and layers of mountains, all covered with trees and sprinkled with little cities and towns in the distance. We were blessed to see the sunset over the mountains, and our whole team was amazed at how majestic everything was. A perfect ending to a long day.
Our day began with two services at Fountain of Life Bible Church where Jack P. and John V. presented their sermons, John H. played the piano and sang for the offertory, and Meghan D. and Michelle G. shared their children’s stories. The services were complete with puppets, skits, choir songs, and a pantomime encouraging the congregation to throw off the sin that they are holding onto so that they can live a life of freedom and in pursuit of of Lord and Savior Jesus. Pastor Vic brought Jonathan R. up on the stage as he was concluding the second service to do an impromptu push up competition! It was great to see the character and dedication of Pastor Vic for this church, and our students fully enjoyed interacting with the congregation this morning.
After the services were concluded, we ate lunch with some of the youth and other members of the congregation, spending time engaging with them in conversation. We then left FLBC for Buena Vista, VA, and arrived here about 4 hours later. The students must have worked really hard this morning because they large majority of them slept the whole time! And once we arrived here at Buena Vista, we unpacked, met some of the members of the church, shared dinner with them, and then drove up the mountain to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Simply tremendous.
We look forward to spending tomorrow here in Buena Vista and then heading out for Momentum Youth Conference in the afternoon!