My goodness, it has been a long time away from our precious readers! We have missed you! Thank you for being so faithful and excited to hear about what God is doing on the Blue Ridge Parkway Team this summer. We are back together now, after spending a week at Momentum Youth Conference. Momentum was a great time for our team to be able to relax a little, catch up on some sleep, and spend time with their respective youth groups. But even though we had a good week last week, we are so very excited to be back together!
We began our morning by serving the church here in Hagerstown, MD by doing programs for the children’s and youth Sunday schools before the main service started. The service went well, as did the programs previous; Jessica K. sang for the offertory and Michael G. presented his sermon during this time. After spending some time getting to know the congregation better, we shared an incredible lunch, courtesy of the church. We ate turkey, ham, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, and many more fantastic food items. We hadn’t eaten like that in weeks! It felt like Thanksgiving in the middle of July.
Much to everyone’s excitement, we spent the afternoon relaxing and debriefing from the previous week as we prepared for the evening. We then traveled to a local house and had a pool party and cookout with some of the youth group and other members of the church. We had such a great time! Michelle G. and Katie A. talked about what God was teaching them this summer to all of the people there, we played volleyball, whiffleball, basketball, we swam and spent time talking with the people there. It was a wonderful time spent getting to know all of the people who came and being able to reconnect as a team. The students went to host homes afterward in anticipation of a good night’s sleep.