Our first full day in Norton, OH, and a great one to boot! We began our morning with manual labor, some of the students going into town to do some house refurbishing, others to a local school to do weeding and general clean up, while the rest stayed here at the church to paint and work on VBS items for the upcoming ministry. During the afternoon, the students spent an hour with God and then had a panel question and answer time with the leaders, talking about gray area topics and other questions that the students offered. We then enjoyed dinner with some of the students from the youth group here and then joined with the rest of the youth for their normal youth group time. The Barnabas students shared a program with the youth including testimonies from Jack P., Kayla W., Jessica J., and Matt T. After we finished, the students spent some time getting to know the youth a little better, and then headed off to their respective host homes! Hello, good night sleep!