Another full day here in Norton, OH, as we prepare for our travels to our final destination of Columbus! We started our morning by having the students fill out some paperwork on their thoughts about the summer, what they’ve learned, what they’ve enjoyed, what they thought could be improved, and the like. We followed their reflection time with a teaching time lead by Matt R. on leadership.
We enjoyed lunch out together, and had some great opportunities to initiate conversations with people in McDonald’s. We returned to the manual labor projects that we began yesterday, and had an awesome time getting work accomplished and spending time with the youth from Norton. Once we returned to the church, we shared dinner together, prepared by wonderful members of the church, and then we headed to a nearby park and put on a park program. It was great to interact with the members of the community who were there and spend time engaging people with the gospel tonight. The students were super excited and energetic, and it was awesome to see that in them as they ministered. As we wrap up our time here in Norton, we look forward to what is to come in Columbus!