We found ourselves this morning, faced with a warning.  This warning presented the prospect of today being one of the hottest days ever in Columbus Ohio… and what were we planning on doing today?  Just spending seven hours outdoors… no. big. deal.  Heres the deal… it wasn’t that bad… but I take back any complaint I had for the humidity in Florida or Georgia because Ohio… well let’s just say Ohio is most probably the location of the lost city of Atlantis because most of the time… I felt like I was completely submerged in water today.  BUT We had an excellent day!
The Peninsula Team showed up at Powell for their second day of ministry here with shining faces at nine A.M.  They immediately began their hour with God and went straight into a teaching time from Cody on the fruits of the spirit after.  Students were split up into teams to find examples of each fruit in scripture and elaborate a little bit more on what each entailed.  It was so awesome to find not what we describe or define each fruit as at a first glance… but to go a little deeper and find what God has to say about each.  Praise God that He has given us Scripture and chooses to speak to us through it!  I think we take that for granted FAR to often.  After the teaching time, we split up into discipleship groups and had discussions about what excites us and worries us most about going home.  Please be in prayer for these students (as they are for each other) over the ministry that God has for them when they return home.  However, another thing we talked about is how the Lord has still ordained that they be with us a little while longer and that He has great and mighty things already planned out for them to do.  Pray for focus, intention, wisdom, and discernment in these students heart as they push and do everything as to the glory of God in these next days.
After discipleship groups, we broke into lunch and handed out mail.  What’s that?  You want to know who got mail today… well O.K…. I’ll tell you I DID!  It may or may not have been a three pound bag of gummi bears…  it was.  ALSO!  Today when we handed out mail (like we always do) we had our students do some crazy stuff to get it.  Dan got a package so we made him eat “ice cream” really fast… yeah… it was chip dip.  He took a huge spoonful too… apparently he thought it was cookies and cream… psssshhhh… crazy kid.
After lunch we headed over to a clinic that Grace Church Powell is affiliated with that does free service for the community in Columbus.  We canvased the neighborhood around the clinic inviting everyone we could to the VBS/Program we would be hosting later that night!  We had some EXCELLENT conversations and opportunities to show God’s love by asking not just if we could pray for these people providing for their spiritual needs, but provide for their physical needs as well by seeing if there was any sort of service project we could do around their place.
After we passed out fliers… we spent some time in prayer for the program, people back home, our ministry back home, our attitudes, our remaining days on OB, etc.  After this, we headed over to McDonalds for dinner and to meet with some people and talk.  We ate pretty fast, but we had some good opportunities and encounters with some of the local people eating their Big Macs.
After dinner, we scurried over to the clinic to set up for the program and start initiating with the kids and families that were showing up even early!  We played games with the kids, served pizza and fruit (Shane got to use his gift of splitting apples BY HAND today because we couldn’t find a knife), put on a program, and shared the Gospel through the cross illustration.  SEVERAL KIDS AND YOUNG TEENS  ACCEPTED THE LORD TONIGHT!  It was SO encouraging to see our students beaming with the joy and happiness that only the presence of the Holy Spirit could bring.  God is so faithful to answer prayer!  Praise Him for what He has done through us and that He is mighty to save!  Oh my word… I can’t even say… it was just incredible tonight… I’m still smiling… and I will most probably fall asleep with a smile on my face… something I’m sure will alarm the others leaders to wake up to… just sayin!
Good night everyone!

Dan reading some Scripture!

Andrew spending some time with Jesus!

Caroline doing her OTD!

Dan, Jesse, and Amy chattin it up!   (Photo Cred: B. Riel)

Angie, Emma, Amy, and Kaira making a friend at McDonalds!

Colin and Kris with a mom at the VBS Program!

Caroline and Megan with some small new buds!

Cassandra talking with a kid at the clinic program!

Kris, Rochelle, and Luke performing a dance with some guest stars!

Skylar sharing the cross illustration with some kids!

Andrew praying with some boys!

Amanda sharing the Gospel through the cross illustration!

Preston talking and presenting the cross illustration with a kid at the program!

Rochelle loving on a girl she met at the program!

Cassandra, Tori, and Andrew chatting with some friends!

Becca and Amy talking a a man at the VBS program at the clinic!