I am clever.
Today we had a huge thunder and lightning storm in Powell… and the first syllable of “Powell” … I don’t know if you know this… it’s “POW!”  So, you see it ties in quite nicely with the happenings of the day…. being a thunder storm in Powell… making “Pow” noises in a city that just happens to contain the same sound in it’s spelling.
Today, OBers showed up at nine A.M. to begin their day with an hour with God.  I’ve said this before… but we have LOVED being able to start our day in the Word.  We have given these students an hour with Jesus every day… but there’s just something about starting you day off remembering how good our God is and how much He loves us that makes the rest of your day that much easier to live to the fullest.  After all, He’s the only one who fills our cups until they overflow!
After our hour with God, Andrew Siders and Luke Helmth (both OB alum from the Powell Church) talked with the students a little about some of the things they will experience when they go home in three days.  It was great for these students to hear from some younger guys (who’s experience is fresher in their minds than us ancient relics) about what to be praying over and to be in intentional thought over as their summer draws to a close.
After that panel, the students ate lunch and memorized some more Scripture (like they’ve been doing over the entire summer.)  It was awesome, Luke had actually just encouraged some of our students to be intentional about memorizing Scripture after the summer was done… so the timing could not have been more perfect!
After the verse time, we headed out to our last manual labor projects of the summer.  Most of the team stayed at the church and moved cubbies out of classrooms (super heavy… believe you me), painted, cleaned toys, organized closets and storage rooms, and picked up some trash.  A group of other students, including myself, visited the house of a family from the church – the Moores.  We spent manual labor time staining their deck… PURPLE!
After our afternoon of manual labor we made our way back to the church to eat City BBQ provided by the Hornback family.  THANKS GUYS… IT WAS DELI-ICIOUS!  We quickly changed out of our manual labor clothes and got ready for a program inside the church… good thing because as I mentioned; the storm.  The program was fantastic as we got to know some more people from the church, meet some kids and play with them, AND lead a couple more to the Lord!  Pray for these kid’s hearts as they have made a life changing decision.  Pray that it will not be just a one time prayer but a life change that will be followed up on by the Lord placing mentors in their life to guide them towards Him!  Also, pray for our students that they will continue to focus and push hard through the coming days.  We love them and all we want to see is a passion for ministry, service, leadership, and above all a heart for the Lord that spills out of them.

Andrew and Luke talking about life after Barnabas.

Luke, Colin, Ian and Shane listening intently.

Becca C. and Tori working hard.

Dan moving a rug.

Sam, Shane, Cassandra and Ian working with Dustin to move sets of shelves.

Ethan organizing a closet.

Amanda taping off a ceiling before painting it.

Preston showing off his carpentry skills.

Skylar vacuuming.

Jessie painting.

Megan and Holli are proud of their work.

Bekah H. staining a deck.

Kaira busy staining.

Andrew M. and Caroline having fun and working hard.

Kristina sharing the cross illustration.

Cori getting to know new people.

Luke sharing the gospel with a new friend.

Andrew M. and a friend talking about the cross illustration.