At the risk of sounding redundant… I’m going to attempt to make this blog post as brief as possible.  All of the teams were together today for ministry and programming so all of our blog posts are going to be SUPES similar.  SO..
Well, the day finally arrived… our last Sunday of ministry on Operation Barnabas.  But what a way to go out!  All of our students came together from the Peninsula, Blue Ridge, and National Team to run the morning services at Big Grace in Columbus, Ohio.  The OB teams ran two services with choir songs, skits, dances, pantomimes, and puppets from each team.  We had an amazing time praises our God who binds us in commonality.  It was so awesome to hear all of the testimonies of the students today.  To hear what God has done in each one of their lives in these weeks was an encouragement beyond words.  We as the Peninsula Team have had the most amazing summer we could have possibly had this year… my team is precious to me and God knew from the start where each of us needed to be and I have seen amazing fruit come of that.  But to be reminded that, ultimately, the God that has blessed the Peninsula Team is just as present and real and living in all three other teams and in the hearts of every believer was invaluable for our students and for us as leaders.  He is so amazing and His love is sufficient!
After the two programs this morning (where, by the way, Luke and Ian did an amazing job with there special music… shoot… God spoke through the boys… so proud of the work He has done in and through them) we headed off to Wooster to run the opening sessions of CE Nationals adult conference.  Before that, however, we stopped at a BK for some food!  We got to have some conversations with the people there and left ready to do our hour with God on the bus and take a quick nap before the next program.
When we arrived at Wooster, we helped set up what was left at the conference and changed back into our Sunday outfits after our sound check.  At the conference, our teams mingled with the attendees and encouraged them in sharing stories and testimonies of what God had been and continues to do through OB 2011.  We had dinner with the group and then moved into the main session where Peninsula performed their speech choir, National performed a pantomime, and Blue Ridge did some children’s programming.  We all sang a few choir songs together and backed up the worship band at the conference vocally.
We’re back at Powell now for the night… in bed… ready to face our last day of tour tomorrow.  It’s going to be fun… but the prospect of leaving has a lot of our students in a conflicted place right now.  Being in a community of believers for this long that so diligently encourages you to grow in your faith and share it and then being taken out of it just as suddenly isn’t easy.  But continue to pray that the Lord will condition these students hearts to love and serve the Lord with all their hearts.  God has now ordained that this be our last day together tomorrow… but by no means will this be the last time we are together.  As Tori said tonight “I CAN’T WAIT FOR HEAVEN!”  We look forward to that day when we all rejoice together in fellowship with our Lord… but until then, “let us run diligently the race marked out for us.”  For many of us, God’s path is taking us in very different directions… but what’s encouraging is that we all end at the same finish line!
Good night everyone!