We’ve come to it… the last day of Operation Barnabas for the Peninsula team.  We began our last day by waking up at nine to an hour with God and a nice breakfast prepared by us leaders… at least… I think it was pretty nice; pancakes, bacon, and fruit beats pop tarts any day in my book.
After breakfast, our team got in their swimsuits and headed out to a member of Grace Church’s congregations house to swim in their pond and hang out as a team for the last time.  During this time, we as leaders lead our kids through their exit interviews which consist of the student’s D-group leaders and another leader reviewing the positive aspects of the summer, the things they need to keep working on, and looking to see how a student can bring what they’ve learned on Barnabas home.
It was so encouraging and heart warming to look at these students and see how God has used them in these past couple of weeks in amazing and crazy ways.  God has been able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine for these kids and He loves them more than we ever could.  Which is saying something because we love these kids SO much!  Thank you again to those responsible for these students for giving us the gift of knowing and investing in these awesome young men and women.  It is seriously our honor to see them wake up and delight in the Lord everyday.  It will be hard to say goodbye and not see that everyday.  But they’re in the Lord’s hands and that is the safest place they can be!
After the lake, we headed back to the church where Sarah gave a teaching time on discipleship to the students helped by some girls (Morgan and Leah from the Powell Church) who she disciples.  It is going to be so important to see these kids held accountable by wiser and older men and women who are willing to invest in their lives and see them grow in the Lord every day now that they no longer have OB.
After the teaching time, we headed to Chipotle for dinner and had some neat conversations with some people (even some kids who some of our students knew!)  After dinner, we went to the mall to spend time with our team, but as always, to establish conversations of intention about Scripture and lead some people to the Lord.  The grand total of souls won for the Lord this summer as of yesterday now sets at 147!  It has been SO awesome to see the Lord work through this group to see almost triple our team come to a saving grace in Jesus Christ!  ALL GLORY TO GOD!  We are so humbled and honored to have been used in such a mighty way and pray that God will continue to multiply His kingdom through the Holy Spirit working in our teammates at home.
After the mall, we headed back to the church again to speak of going home again, share communion, and hold a candle light service to make public dedications of what it is each student wants to accomplish when they go home.
I want to personally take this last blog post to thank each and every member of the Peninsula Team, including my leadership team, for the awesome and humbling summer I have had because of your willingness to let the Holy Spirit work through you.  You’re reading this now at home, back with familiar things and surrounded by those you love and whom God has called you to love!  I beg you to remember how much you have grown in faith, love, purity, and life this summer.  You have seen God and now you have the responsibility and privilege to see Him glorified by letting Him work through you to add new names to the Book of Life.  Remember how much we love you and how much we cannot wait to see what God will do through you beyond what you have even seen this summer.  We look forward to the day we get to be all together again with our Lord.  But for now, above all, remember that our Father has a season and a time for everything.  He gives, and He takes away and always knows what is best for us.  Claim that promise and rejoice in the Lord that He has planned out a perfect and beautiful path for you in Him if you would just continue to love Him, sprint after Him, read the Word, and be in constant prayer.  We love you, but He loves you more.  Thank the Lord because He is the one who is always with you and who is at your side now!  ALWAYS in prayer for you!
Thank you and love you all!
Sarah, Ashton, Cody, Brandon, and Katie