The National Team

July 24- OB Team National- Last Blog: Crazyiness!

Wow! The last blog of Team National is here. They have not all come easy. Some trips to Sheetz or McDonalds were needed, but The Lord allowed them to get published. Today was a good day. All three teams combined to do the two church services today at Polaris Grace and they were amazing. Rothen and Ruthie got to share what God has done in their hearts over the summer and it was so encouraging to hear. Then we headed out to get lunch and head up...

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July 23- OB Team National- The Last National Program

Today was another hot one in the Columbus, Ohio area. Today brought all three OB teams together once again as tour draws closer to the end. First off, the teams united to practice for choir tomorrow for the two services we will do. Rebecca R. has a solo for one of the songs. It went well and i think tomorrow will be special as it will be the last time this group of kids sing together. Then TK had debriefing time with the whole group: all three...

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July 22- OB Team National- It's Friday, Friday, Friday

The day started off with our team doing a program for children ages 3-5, which was the first time we were able to do that. It was exciting to take part in ministering to the little kids, whom Jesus wants to come to Him. Seeing them dancing around and smiling was an awesome thing. After an hour with the kids we had team time where all the students filled out evaluation forms for themselves to assess their spiritual growth throughout the summer....

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