We spent time this morning working some more with Ed Lewis working on some more outreach training and also took some time to run through our choir songs as a group. During lunch, we had the opportunity to honor a woman named Cathy Fisher. She is an amazing lady from the greater Columbus area who is constantly “on mission” with her life. She is a high school teacher, a mentor to many young girls and an awesome prayer warrior. Thanks Mrs. Fisher!

We started something new today for the first time in Operation Barnabas history, we had our first “draft”! Mark and Dave (youth pastors in Columbus) were the commentators and TK was the main announcer for the day. We played a lot of music and had a great time “picking teams” playing lots of music and laughing a lot. We spent some time in the afternoon getting to know our teams, going over details for the summer and working on some of our drama, puppet and dance songs and skits. Later in the afternoon both teams went to separate houses for a pool party. We grilled hot dogs, swam, played volleyball, ate a lot and had some incredible conversations with the people hosting us, and each other as well.

We met back at the church and spent a bit of time working on acts for a talent show that we will be having on Saturday evening, but more about that later. Sarah shared an awesome message tonight at our main session about facing fears and how to trust the Lord to overcome them. We split up again afterwards and had some more team time to share what God has been teaching us and go over some goals and vision for this summer! We headed to our rooms to get ready for bed before sharing some more and heading to bed.


Students anticipate team announcements!

Team 611!


Team 320!


611's 3-group working on puppets after teams were announced


Alissa B. worshiping the God who takes away fear.


Jessie B. shared special music that was close to her heart during evening session.