It’s been a long day of 3 Groups, choir practices; speech choir, opportunities… and 3 Groups… seriously.

On our first full day as teams we’ve spent a lot of time preparing the ministry programs that OB is publicly “famous” for.  These programs consist of puppets, dramas, pantomimes, dances, etc… all with the purpose of being an avenue through which to engage spiritual conversations about the Gospel and the saving work of Jesus Christ in our students lives and in the lives of the lost they will be ministering to this summer.

The day began learning carnival games followed quickly by choir practice.  We also began our individual team speech choir preparation today.  So encouraging to hear the unaffected truth of Scripture come from the mouths of our students in the family that our teams are already starting to become to us.

After lunch, we did our daily opportunities and had time to write some letters back home to the churches we will be returning to.

Our heart for these students is that they will not only develop a heart for vocational ministry in their own lives or on tour, but in the churches they will be serving and praying for back home, regardless of whether or not God calls them into ministry as a vocation.

We continued the day with 3 group practices until dinner.  Then, it was back to choir practice (in teams this time :)) and another speech choir session.  As I type, the students are in their final session of the night (TK is speaking on servanthood, something that will be well used this summer and in the lives of believers.)

Pray that these students would be developing a hunger more and more to be vulnerable, to be intentional, and to let the Holy Spirit guide and direct their lives not only here on Barnabas, but also when they go back home.  Also pray for stamina, strength and rest.  We’re doing a lot and it can be draining, but thank God that he gives us the ability to do whatever He would call us to and their is no doubt that each of these students is called here for a specific purpose.


The students went outside to learn carnival games to use throughout the summer.

Erin P. and Claire B. love the games.

Mookie D. and Rachel G. write letters to their home churches.

Leader, Josh Hamrick, and student, Alec M. catch up on what God is doing in their lives.

Jacob R. and leader, Steph M. are excited for the opportunity to serve the Powell church by cleaning it.

Kelly M., Grace B., Meaghan V., Emily W., Brianna A., and Sarah L. are excited for lunch!

320 leader, Bethany K., explains a pantomime to her 3-group.

Jamie T. and Ryan M. read Scripture for tonight's challenge hour.

Cody S. shared his testimony with the group.

Meredith H. played her viola for special music.