Today has been another very busy day at Powell. Both teams have been hard at work putting together pantomimes, skits, choir songs, speech choir, puppets and other programming things, as well. The guys and girls split up for a bit and spent time working on writing sermons and putting together children’s stories that they will have the opportunity to share later this summer at different churches and programs.

Grace College generously provided lunch and t-shirts for everyone today which was great! Leaders Steph and Josh shared about their individual experiences as students at Grace and encouraged the students to look into the school if they are interested.  (It’s a great place for their face!)  We ran through some choir songs that we will be singing tomorrow during the church service then spent more time in groups working on programs than had our annual “etiquette meal.” Leaders Jeremy, Brandon, and Ben demonstrated what not to do and then we all ate together as a group. Some OB alumni from the Columbus area served us dinner and we had an enjoyable meal together.

We ran through some of our program for tomorrow morning and did a sound check. We gave the students a few minutes to make final preparations then had our talent show tonight. Both teams started off together to hear several students play some amazing piano pieces then we split up into teams to share more talents.

I can’t speak for Team 320 but Team 611 has some awesome students who are very gifted! We had several students that sang songs, some danced, some showed off their knowledge and spoken word skills, as well. We also had some that were just plain silly. We laughed a lot and enjoyed some great team bonding. We settled down quickly after the talent show and got ready for bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for everybody here but we are looking forward to what God is going to do through us!