“The most effective way to share the Gospel is the one that you use.”  This challenge was Ed Lewis’ main point in our first Sunday programs at Grace Church at Powell.

OB students woke early this morning to shower, eat breakfast on the run, and prepare to serve at Powell’s regular Sunday services.  The students had a program prepared consisting of choir songs, dances, and speech choir.  It was such a thrill and a joy to see the 2012 ministry teams beginning to use their gifts and the things that they have been applying themselves to over the past week to glorify the Lord.

After mingling in the two services, encouraging the members of the church and initiating conversations; the OB teams had lunch downstairs and went straight into 3-group practice until dinner.

We then split into teams where 320 did dinner on 2 dollars (each member of the team got two dollars to buy dinner) and team 611 went on a Wal-Mart run and out to dinner at McDonalds.  Matthew Ma actually got to pray with a little boy to receive Christ today!!!

After, OB teams returned to more 3-group prep time and a session with their leaders over what it’s going to specifically look like to minister as a guy or a girl this summer and for the rest of their lives.  Finally, the night was ended with a challenging and probing Tony Campolo video on stewardship asking the question; “Can you be a Christian and own a BMW?”

We as leaders are letting these kids wrestle with some tough issues this summer that aren’t as black and white as maybe they previously thought.

Pray that tonight they may sleep in peace but spend time in the Word and in prayer letting the Holy Spirit guide and direct their convictions; not just in this but in every truth they ever consider.


Some students danced to "Rise Up" this morning to celebrate the gospel in front of the Powell church.

The church laid their hands on our students to pray for them.

Robb F., and David H. enjoy 3-groups.

Meaghan V., Kelly M., and Cody S. practice their lines for a skit in the hallway.

Students walk out to the busses for team time.

Team 320 is excited after their 2-dollar dinner meal tonight.

Anthony E., Trevor S., Matthew M., Nate R., and Josh W. are excited to spend time as a team out to dinner tonight.