Today was the last day of our orientation here at Powell. We split the students up in the morning and took about half of them to do laundry while the rest of them stayed at the church to work on some final preparations for the programs that we will be doing this summer. We all met back together at the church for lunch and some small projects than got back to work. Everybody ran through dramas, puppet songs, and skits to take care of any loose ends. As teams, we ran through all of our material one time to get a feel for what is good and what needs to be worked on as well. Tonight, team 320 went out to dinner and on a wal-mart run while team 611 did dinner on $2.00.

The students had a teaching time with Tk in the evening than we had communion together to prepare our hearts for an incredible summer of ministry. We are greatly looking forward to setting out tomorrow on a new leg of our adventure and seeing what God does through and with us next! Please be praying that in our travels we have opportunities to meet new people to share Jesus with, connect better with each other as a team and encourage one another along with the churches we will be ministering to and with over the next few days!


Haley N., MaKenzie K., and Hannah H. enjoying our first day of laundry since being on OB.


Makenzie K., Emily P., and Rebekah E. share their faith at the laundry mat.


Alec M. and Nate R. sharing their pantomime for the 611 team.