Well, today was a great day! We got up a little early today so we could go to the school early and lead their chapel service again. It was another awesome time to share the gospel! Above the school is a community of people and a lot of them are muslim. On their walk up to their houses, they can see into the school and a lot of them stopped and watched the program. The girls did a great job!

After the program we started tutoring and manual labor! We are determined to finish all the desks that we have been working on. It is a long process to get them done but we are almost done and hope to finish them by tomorrow. We also had the opportunity to lead their P.E. time and give the teachers a little bit of a break! It’s always fun being crazy with the kids! Once done, we headed back to the Jungle Barn and had a great lunch!

We had a little bit of time to rest and hang out until the feeding site. The girls went to a feeding site here on the Boracay island and had a great time. I (Amy) came down with the flu and was not able to go to the site, but the girls did a great job of working together to put a program together and to do it on their own. They had a Filipino escort with them and Carrie Russell also went, and they said it was great!

Last night, the Jungle Barn had a celebration called Despedita where all the Filipino people come together and thank us for all the work that we have done. The girls said it was a great time of celebration and and getting to worship and fellowship with the people. Many of the people that came were people that work at the school and at the feeding sites. They sang songs and laughed and had a great time remembering all that great things that happened while we were here. They did it today because the Ohio and California teams will be heading home and wanted everyone to be involved. Such a sweet time to worship with our brothers and sisters from all of the world!

Signing off until tomorrow……..8 Lovely Ladies