Happy Happy Birthday to Taylor!!! How exciting for her to get to celebrate her birthday in the Philippines!! The day started off with devotions with the Lord and then it was off to the school for finish up with the desks!! They are almost done! Only 2 more to finish!! It is great to see them finished and to know that we got to be a part of the kids getting desks is awesome! Every time the students walk by the room, they look in and get so excited to see their desks being made! So awesome!!!

Then there was some free time this afternoon, so some went out and did a little shopping while others stayed backed and just hung out.  Then it was off to a feeding site! It was another great site! We did a little program and then just had some time to play with the kids which is nice! Every feeding site is so different and sometimes it takes a little longer for the kids to warm up. This one, it took them a little longer, but by the end, they were chasing our multi-cab down the street!!! To love these kids like Jesus is one of the greatest joys! So excited that our time is not done here and we have 3 more feeding sites to go!

Please continue to pray for open hearts and that we would continue to have the strength and energy to get through each day. Pray that sickness would stay away and that would would be strong! Love you all so very much!

Signing off until tomorrow……….8 Lovely Ladies…………..