It was another incredible day here in Boracay! The day started off with spending an hour with the Lord and diving deeper into His arms! We then had a great breakfast and headed off to church. This Sunday, we got the opportunity to be a part of the service. We were able to do speech choir, a choir song and a pantomime. It looks different with all girls, but they did an excellent job and the people said they forgot there were no boys and the message was portrayed so well. I am very proud of them. After the main church service, we headed off to take on children’s church with some of the girls from the California group. We tag teamed Sunday school and by the end, we were sweaty and there were smiles on all the kids faces. It’s always neat to watch the body of Christ come together to accomplish a task! Big thanks to the California group!

After church, we headed back to the barn and scarfed down a quick lunch and then it was a dash to the water! It was very warm yesterday and it was a great day to cool off. A lot of the kids came and joined us and we were in the water a long time playing with the children. Then it was time to hop out of the water and get ready for a feeding site. We prepared our first aid kit, got our craft and puppets and we were off!!

We returned to a feeding site that we have been to before, we got to go to the Alta Vista site. If you remember, this is the site the the mother, Girly is at. Girly was there and she is doing better. She had a smile on her face and was enjoying watching her children learn about Jesus! Each day will get a little easier for her, but she still needs your prayers as she heals from her wound, but more so, as she heals from the lose of loosing a child. It will be a long process, but she knows that the Lord is by her side each step of the way. It was so good to see her smile!!!

After we said our final goodbyes, which took a while because these kids have definitely stolen a piece of our hearts, we headed back to the multi-cab and headed back to the barn! Once we got back, all the girls, plus Carrie Russell, got dressed up and we went out for dinner on the strip. We are the only ones at the Jungle Barn now, because the other groups have left, so we decided to go out and let the ladies have a break! We went to Shakey’s, an American pizza place, which the girls LOVED! It was just a fun night to enjoy each others company and enjoy the fellowship of our new friend, Carrie.

Continue to pray for us in this last stretch, that we would continue to be used by the Lord and that the unity of the team would stay strong. It’s easy to get tired and let our guards down, but we want to finish strong and leave a lasting mark for Jesus on Boracay. Not too many days till we will be home, but pray for us and we finish up.

Signing off until tomorrow………8 Lovely Ladies………….