Well folks, we made it through the storm of a lifetime. Last night we were all startled awake but the LOUD crash of thunder that shook our room! It was the craziest storm we have ever been apart of and in the midst, it was awesome to see it and remember how BIG and MIGHTY our God is!

We all headed off to school a little early this morning because some of us had some special projects that we got to be apart of. Some girls helped teach in the classroom, while others helped with school pictures and others got to tutor and finish up the desks and a few tables. It was a great day with a lot of different things to do! It is going to be so hard leaving because we are all getting to know so many of the students! The time has passed way to fast here! The Lord has taught each of us different things and its exciting to be able to come home and share with others what God did here.

After school, we came back to the barn and enjoyed some lunch and a lot of the girls took a nap because the storm kept a lot of us up last night. Then, we prepared for our feeding site! We went to a new site tonight and it was great! The kids had a lot of energy and it looked different than some of the other sites that we have been to.  We did a program and made balloon animals(which they LOVED) and did first aid!! Even though we do the same things at the sites, they are never the same! It was another great night of serving and sharing the love of Jesus with the kids and their families!

From there, we came back to the barn and a lot of the girls were there and greeted us with flowers and took a group of the girls on a walk down the beach! Some stayed and played with some of the boys that were in the water. We then enjoyed a wonderful dinner and enjoyed some fellowship with one of the missionaries here. Her name is Hailey and it was good to just share and learn! We have another busy day tomorrow, so we are headed off. Can’t believe that our time is almost up here! Keep praying! We love you all!

Signing off until tomorrow………….8 Lovely Ladies…………