WOW, we can’t believe that tomorrow is the day that we leave Boracay! It is bittersweet! We have fallen in love with the people, the culture and the island! Today was a great day! We started off by heading down to the school and tutoring and finishing up on our projects. The desks are officially done and we all got to be a part of putting them in the classroom and seeing how excited the kids were!!! We also started on some tables which we will finish tomorrow. We also did PE time, which is always a blast.

We headed back to the barn for lunch and then had some down time and some napped and others started packing up their suitcases! There are a lot of kids and pre-teens that hang out at the Jungle Barn, and it has been awesome getting to hang out with them and encourage them!! They have been just as encouraging to us too!! Life is going to be so different without all of our new friends around!

It was time for our LAST feeding site! It was such a long travel to this site! Right behind the Jungle Barn! 🙂 We only had to walk there!!! Ricky lead some songs and then some ladies from the Red Cross came and talked with the kids about health related things! Then, it was on to our program! It never gets old to see the excitement in the children’s faces! They love to dance and sing with us! But our favorite part is after the program and getting to hang out and love on them! We gave out bouncy ball and that was the entertainment for the most part of the evening! Some of our girls even played some basketball with some of the boys! Basketball is the loved sport around here!!! But our girls kept up!! We colored and sang and played until there was no more sun left to play! We said our goodbyes and headed back to the barn!

The incredible women and men of the barn made a great ‘American’ meal of hamburgers! They were delicious! Ilene, Ricky, Isidro, Lenny and so many others have been so awesome to us and we are blessed to have gotten to know them! We will miss them like crazy!!! Thank you everyone who has been apart of making this trip possible! God has been apart of all we have done and the glory goes all to Him!! Continue to pray as we finish up our last day at the school in the morning and then we will be leaving on a boat tomorrow night back to Manila! It is an overnight cruise boat! We will sleep through the night and wake up in Manila! We love you all!

Signing off until I can write again………8 Lovely Ladies…………..