Admittedly… it’s been about a week since I’ve taken a shower… but hey… it didn’t matter today because with all the manual labor we did outside in the pouring rain… I made up for it!

Today we woke up and went straight into breakfast provided by the Happy Church!!  THANKS GUYS!  The pancakes were awesome!  After breakfast, we spent an hour with God and Stephanie shared a teaching time on the tongue.  The tongue can be used for evil as it says in James 3 but it can also be used for good as it says in Ephesians 4.  We, as a leadership team, desire to include the abuse of technology in these areas as well and Steph did an awesome job relaying that to the OBers.  We then prayed some “Sun stand Still Prayers.”  Out of Joshua 10, we’ve derived a boldness to pray for things that seem impossible.  We encouraged our kids to pray for bold acts of God in our lives.  After that… we went straight to manual labor.

We spent the day washing the bus, washing the Penske, building crates for Momentum, laying cement, taking inventory, laying mulch, securing playgrounds, pulling weeds, and fixing the gaga court… if I forgot anything I apologize … it’s been a day!  But so encouraging to see the hard work of our students and their commitment to ministry even when it’s difficult!  After manual labor (no worries… we did eat lunch in there) we ate dinner and then cleaned up and played the pole game for an hour… still no luck… but they’ll get it!  After that we split into different rooms as leaders and allowed our kids to ask each of us any personal or relational sort of questions that they wanted to get to know us better.  It was an awesome time of fellowship and learning more about one another!  The kids are in bed now and we ask that you be praying for the services we will be running here at the Happy Church tomorrow.  Good night!

Our students prayed together this morning to ask God to accomplish the impossible through some of their situations. They were called sun-stand-still prayers based on Joshua 10.

Karli and Grace organized many toys in the basement of the "Happy Shack."

Reba and Emily organized the crafts in the Happy Church children's ministry.

Our students and some of our leaders had a really fun time washing the bus.

Leader, Josh Hamrick, was encouraging Meredith about her mopping skills.

Amy, Adam, Grace, and Jared helped clean up this gardening bed.

John, Marc, and Danielle were super-skilled with their drills.

Meredith and Marc spread mulch.

The team is proud of their hard work and dirty clothes today.

Reba made a new friend.