God is just so good!  Today was just an awesome opportunity to see our Lord do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine.  Team 320 woke up this morning to a quick breakfast and then a warm up for the program we ran for Sunday morning service here at the Happy Church.

We got a break from our formal Sunday outfits today and just wore our logo shirts and jeans!!!  After the warm up, we spent some time in the Word and in prayer for our home churches.  So awesome.  We then ran the program and after changed and ate lunch.  It began to rain really hard but God worked some awesome miracles in that as well and cleared it up just in time for us to make our way up into the hills of Kentucky and LEGITIMATELY hang with some wild horses.  I FED ONE!!!!  So blessed to be a part of God’s creation in such a tangible way.  So we took some time to thank God for it and spend some more time with Him!!!!

After we got back from the hill, we quickly put on our park shirts and packed up our programming materials and made our way to a local park to put on a park program.  It was raining so hard, so for the bus ride over we prayed that God would stop it and let His will be done so we could share the Gospel. We did our program, and there were several people who accepted Jesus for the first time tonight!

After the program Stacy Fay shared some stories with our kids along with Sarah and then we went to bed!

Please pray for the students as they go into their last full day of ministry before Momentum and for wisdom and discernment as we love on them for the rest of the time we have!  Goodnight!


Abby is now best friends with this girl from the Happy Church.

Brianna shared her children's story this morning.

We did "Rise Up" as a flash mob this morning for church.

Rachel socializing after service.

The students got to know some of the youth who were practicing for NAC.

Sarah prayed with this lady after service.

Grace bonded with this little girl by hanging out underneath the table with her.

The students really loved looking at the beauty of God's creation today.

Adam was really excited about the horses.

Meredith spent time praying, reading the Bible, and reflecting.

Our students prayed before our program tonight and God surely provided for it.

Leigh, Abby, and Meaghan chatted with this lady and her daughters at the McDonald's tonight.