Leader, Alex McCue, introducing team 611 in his home church at Delaware.


Alec, Al and an OB alumnus sharing their testimonies.


A pantomime representing the way that people can come to church while covering up their sin and putting a fake smile on.


Hanna hanging out with Aiden during the children's program.


Al bringing along some girls to enjoy the dumping booth with her at the Big Splash


Alyssa praising God through dance with the kids



Erin sharing her children's story about how Jesus saves


Emily P and Steven with the kids learning more about the Lord through the kids program


Micah sharing the cross illustration in order to share the gospel to kids.


Nate and Trevor chatting with the middle school boys at Delaware GBC's youth group.


Steven making new friends, and Nate just being fun-spirited


Josh being a conversationalist with people from the youth group


Jamie and Steven being bold in sharing their testimonies with the youth group.


Jacob R was able to share his sermon with his own youth group tonight on loving people as a reflection of God's love.



Today team 611 led both services at Delaware GBC and they went very well! Trevor S. shared his sermon first service and Matthew M. shared his during the second. We got some awesome opportunity to encourage the entire congregation here at Delaware. We loaded up the bus quickly and drove the few miles back to GBC Polaris to help them with a community outreach program that they were doing this afternoon. The team split up to help out with some small projects to keep things running smoothly. We got back together and put on a short program geared to mostly younger kids and had a great time doing it as well!

We packed everything back up on the bus quickly after our program and headed back to Delaware GBC with a short stop at McDonalds for dinner. Delaware’s youth group started at 5:30 and we mingled and did a few of our dances to build some great energy with they youth here. We played some games and heard a few testimonies before Alex and Pastor Dave shared. We spent some time in worship through music together than took down chairs in the youth room and in the main auditorium as well. Many students took opportunities to mingle and build friendships during this time as well.

When most of the youth had left we transitioned into a time of debriefing about the day and a teaching time about forgiveness.  It was awesome to see how the students were convicted and how they responded as well. We as leaders are proud of all of them for so many reasons! We had a bit more sharing time than goofed off together for a while before getting ready for bed.

We are still not totally sure what we will be doing tomorrow but please pray that the Lord uses us in whatever that ends up being. Please also begin to pray for Momentum youth conference starting on Tuesday. It will be an incredible week for everyone who is able to make it. Pray not only for our students on OB but also for those coming from churches from all around the country. Pray that the Lord uses the worship leaders, the speakers and anyone else that is involved to speak truth and Love into the hearts and lives of the students. Thanks!