Meghan literally asked us if it was ok to tweet about funny toast over Momentum… I’m not joking… anyway… just thought you all should know that.  Anyway… woke up this morning to breakfast and an hour with God.  We then had an awesome opportunity to hear from Stacy Fay about what Christ is doing in our lives from Philippians 3.  After the sharing time, we went to Wal-Mart and then came back for lunch.  After lunch (provided again by the Happy Church!) we had an hour and a half in prayer just to express our thanks to God!  After prayer we canvased many apartment complexes and trailer parks around the area and had some AWESOME opportunities to share the Gospel!  Our students hearts are BREAKING for the lost and while it’s hard to watch some of them in tears it’s so sweet to the heart to know that the Lord is aligning His will that none should perish with their own hearts.  Nothing sweeter than watching these kids “get it.”  I’m so honored to be a part of this team and I love each one of these kids!  Thank you all for giving us the pleasure and honor to invest in each of them!  After canvasing, we came back to the church and played the pole game and had an auction from the lost and found bin.  We then ate dinner and showered, packed up to leave bright and early tomorrow and then talked over expectations for Momentum.  Pray for these kids as they go back into familiar situations tomorrow.  Some are excited, some are nervous, and some just don’t want to leave their team.  But we ask that you would faithfully pray throughout this week that each student would be able to focus on the ministry that the Lord sets before each one and that He would do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine in each one.  (and just tomorrow… for travel mercies :))

Caroline, John, and Amy are excited for lunch!

The students spent time in prayer today.

Marc getting to know a youth student at the church.

Emily, David, and John playing cards with some of the youth group students.

Joey making a new friend.

Taylor and Adam getting to know some of the boys from the youth group.