Jessie chatting with a lady during the Grace Connections church.



Matthew and Mookie jamming to “I Love Jesus” during the morning service.


Emily P. shared in her children’s story about the saving grace of Jesus.

An dialog presenting how people might feel in the silence

Rachel and Marcelo shared their testimonies on how an hour with God every day this summer has impacted their relationship with the Lord.


The guys give an intense delivery of the speech choir.


Al, Erin, and Sierra sing a heart-felt choir song.


Emily B shared the cross illistration with another Emily from the church after lunch.


Ministering near a small water park was perfect to draw families in for a program (and it was nice to cool off on a hot day)


Trevor and Jacob H. showing the kids how to do the interlude.


Courtney showing the kids its fun to be a little silly


Puppets are a classic for a park program


Sierra and Stephen A. working the puppets during the song “Elevate”


Pastor Dale and his daughter enjoying a dance to “Call Me Maybe”



Jacob H showing his skill during “Call Me Maybe”


Emily B sharing her children’s story at the park program.


Rebecca and Jessie sharing the cross illistration with 2 friends at the park program.


Jacob R. and Steven Y. conversed with these 2 men for about an hour after the program

Thank you for your patience for the pictures!


Hola! Glad to back with you again! This morning started off bright and early (not so bright actually…the sun had still not yet graced us with its presence…) in a parking lot at Eastern Kentucky University loading our bags onto our luggage vehicle and preparing to get on the road. We pulled out around 6:30 am and headed north towards Clayton, OH where Grace Connections Church is located. We arrived around 10:30 and quickly set up to do the churches 10:45 service. Although we were slightly hurried we had a good program for service and had many great opportunities to meet new people and start forming some new friendships as well.

Grace Connections provided lunch for us today potluck style with many of the church members. We were grateful to eat together as a team again even though it has only been several days. When we had finished lunch we helped clean up the church then headed to a local park to do an afternoon program. We got to the park early and set up before going out into the park to extend invitations to people that we came in contact with. The program went very well and many of the students had great opportunities to have some great conversations.

We made a trip to walmart this evening for the students to get anything that they will need for the remainder of the trip and also to look for opportunities to share Christ’s Love with others. We stopped at McDonalds for dinner when we had finished at walmart and most of the students got to have some great conversations with people over dinner.

We returned to the church after dinner and had some time of debriefing over the past week or so as well as what happened throughout today. Many of the students had great stories to share about the awesome things that they were able to share with their youth groups and some of the amazing things that they learned this past week at Momentum.

Praise God for a great conference! It is not often that students get the opportunity to hear as many incredible speakers and worship artists as ours did this past week. Please pray for our time here in the greater Dayton area. Pray that we are able to impact this community in a huge way and also that we can get people plugged in to Grace Connections Church. Thanks!