We slept in this morning, praise the Lord! When we had woken up (at 9:00am) we spent an hour with God than had time to meet with our d-groups and catch up after a week apart from each other at Momentum. A man named Chris came in and shared his testimony with the students. It was an awesome testimony sharing how God has miraculously changed his life and is still continuing to do so as well! The students packed overnight bags and than cleaned up the church before lunch, which the church very graciously provided for us today.

After we had finished lunch we packed up the bus and headed towards Dayton, OH. We split up into groups and passed out info to a lot of houses around the park that our program would be at later this evening. Many students got to have conversations with people and invite many people to the park the program would be at.

All of the students were picked up and we drove together to Possum Creek Park. The church provided dinner for not just our OB team but also for all of the local people who showed up. We spent some time eating and hanging out than put on a great park program. The program opened up a lot of great opportunities to share the Gospel with people and we got some people trust Christ with their lives tonight!

After talking for a while we cleaned up and headed back to the church. We had a short debriefing and hang out time before sending the students on their way with host families for the evening.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Warsaw, IN for our final stop on tour before debriefing at CE National. Pray that the students finish strong and that we are able to bless Community Grace of Warsaw in some awesome ways! Thanks for all of your prayers and support this summer!

Pastor Dale and Chris sharing their testimonies and about the ministries of the church.


Yana and Jacob R. playing with Caleb before the park program.


Micah branching out to people that aren’t even technically at the park program.


Courtney and Jacob R. wiggling all the sillys out as Dora and Diago


Alec led these young boys to ask the Lord into their heart after a good conversation about who Jesus is.


Ryan and Matt praying with a man after having an encouraging conversation


The kids found Yana’s weakness to tickle her.