For our first full day back in ministry since Momentum, we began our day in Leesburg after getting back from host homes with an hour with God.  So good to see each of our students hungering after the Lord’s Words again and hearing the truth that He revealed to each of them both over Momentum and in that short hour in the morning.  We got a time after that to set up for an indoor block party with the church since it was raining.  OBers ran stations throughout the church ty dying, painting, sports, bounce house, and more.  We did three short programs and got to share the Gospel with several kids and adults.  We saw a couple people give their lives to Jesus for the first time today and even one rededication!  God is good!  After the block party and lunch we started labor projects painting, weeding, cleaning, and washing throughout and outside the church.  This is just the pace we’ve been missing in our week at conference.  After labor, we heard a teaching time from Josh on encouragement. We then had some time with the church and our host families bowling!  So much fun and such a time of encouragement and fellowship with both our team and the church family!  The kids are now back with their host families!  Prayer for stamina, drive and purpose in our Lord Jesus would be much appreciated!  We want to see these kid’s hearts continue to break and be mended by God!  So badly!  Goodnight!

Karli made a friend at Leesburg today.
Meaghan shares her children’s story.
Michael, Jacob, Kaley, and Reba share the gospel with these children.
Many conversations about the gospel happening at Leesburg.
Alex helps paint the hallway.
Caroline and Alex love being accountability partners.
Josh Hamrick shared a teaching time about encouragement.
Michael is sharing encouragement to the team.
Joey and Meredith get to know this couple at the bowling alley.
It’s not a bowling night without the Cha-Cha Slide.
Leigh, Taylor, and Sarah love to bowl.