In many ways, it feels like we’ve started to come full circle as we find ourselves back in Winona Lake for the last week of tour.  Our day began with an hour with God at Leesburg Grace and then continued with the finishing of an encouragement circle.  After our time together, we quickly cleaned up the church and then hit the road (for about 10-15 minutes) to make our way to Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church.  Once we got there, we had lunch and listened to Tim talk to us about the ministry at WLGBC.  We fellowshipped with a lot of the church body and then began some labor projects pulling weeds, cleaning, organizing, and splitting wood.  The day was long, but our kids have become so awesome at ministering through labor and doing everything in it as to the glory of God!  After labor, our kids went home with their host family.  Although it wasn’t a very “full” day, we kept busy and we’re excited and expectant to see what the Lord has for us at this church!  Goodnight!

Grace getting to know a student from WLGBC.

Sarah and Amy helping in the kitchen after lunch.

Marc and Robbie getting to know some people from the church.

Our students got to mix with the WLGBC students in manual labor projects today. Here is everyone listening to instructions.

We weeded around one of the church buildings.

Nick and Cari love to work hard.