Today was a great day of ministry for Team 320.  We had an awesome start today our day with labor projects straight away pulling brush, painting, splitting wood, and caring for some members of the church family’s yards.  After labor, we ate lunch and then heard from Pastor Jay Bell about Spiritual Warfare and the state of our thoughts.  Very challenging!  After the teaching time, our students got to spend some time learning from the Lord in an hour with Him and then discipleship groups (of course.)  Sarah then shared a little bit out of 1 Timothy 2 on women in ministry.   We had an awesome experience in worship today recording our choir with WLGBC’s worship pastor Aaron.  The students learned some of his original songs and then got to worship live and recorded with the track :).  Really cool way to honor the Lord through song and some of our kids very clear gifting.  After that, we went into dinner with the youth group and spent the rest of the evening praying, worshipping, doing pantomimes and playing Cyborg with the youth group!  It was a phenomenal time and Joey and Merideth both got to explicitly share the Gospel!  Praise God for how He worked in and through our kids today!  Prayer for continued stamina and strength would be appreciated!  We’re tired, but we serve God who provides and who still wants to do some great things!  More than we could ever ask or imagine!  Goodnight!