Seirra and Jessie visiting with people at the park while they eat lunch.


Michael and Ryan sitting in with the children and families during the park program


Trevor acting as Jonah while Kim, Ryan, and Emily B. act as the people of Nineveh in a fun skit.


Yana presenting her children’s story about the importance of the Bible and prayer


Speech choir can be used by God to move any age


Jacob H sharing the cross illistration


Rebecca and her new little friend!


MacKenzie knows how to work hard always!


OB students worked along side of the youth group in manual labor today.



The students arrived at CE National (Where we will be staying for the next week or so) at 7:45 and spent time with God right away. We did a teaching time on poverty than quickly packed lunches and got on the bus to go to a local park. We had a program this afternoon that went well at a park. Several children met Jesus for the first time there, which is always exciting!

This afternoon the team was split up into groups and sent to several different parks throughout the city. We worked together with the parks dept. to get projects done. It was great to be able to serve the city workers and the city as a whole in that way today. We wrapped up the labor around four and split the team into two groups. One team went to a pool party while the other group went to a jail to do some ministry there. The students who went to the jail were a huge blessing to all of the inmates (see email here) and the jailer even let them stay the night to give us leaders a break! (just kidding)

The team met back at CE National later in the evening for some team time and sharing about the day before getting ready for bed.

Please pray for us in these last few days, it will be a busy few days and it will be easy to let ourselves slack off as we near the end of our tour. Please pray for perseverance and wisdom to make these last days count. Thank you for all of your support! It means the world to us!