Wow.  What a phenomenal day to serve Jesus.  Like everyday… but seriously… today the Lord would not be without the glory of it all!!!!!!!  We began the day with students at WLGBC cleaning lockers at Jefferson Elementary School across the street.  We had a great time serving and cleaning and then got to hear from the principal of the school, a very strong believer, share about his ministry in the administration and in a place where the Lord is so often not welcome; public schools.  It was so encouraging to hear and a great reminder of the way we serve and live on mission for the Jesus and His Gospel REGARDLESS of our vocation.  In fact; THROUGH our vocation.  We then came back to the church and had our hour with God and Sarah finished some thoughts on women in ministry and what Scripture has to say about the subject.  We then headed into lunch.  OH MY GOSH… SALAD!  SO MANY VEGETABLES I COULD HAVE DIED.  But I’m not going to now because my arteries aren’t as clogged with fast food and rice krispie treats.  THANKS WLGBC!!!!! After lunch we set out to Fellowship Mission run Eric Lane for the homeless community of Warsaw.  Half of our students ministered by sorting clothes for the women’s shelter while the other half worked dividing up food boxes for the needy and then delivering them.  We had some AWESOME opportunities to talk and share with people today.  So when we got back, we had dinner and then set out for ministry again at Marywood Trailer Park and did a children’s program and passed out fliers.  A high school sophomore and two young mom’s came to know Jesus as their personal savior today!  Praise GOD!!!!!!!! So humbled by his work in and through our kids even up until these last days of tour!  Prayer for continued stamina and reality of the Gospel in our own lives is needed!  And that we would continue to take it home with us into our homes, churches, and communities.  WHEREVER our students go, we want to see the truth of the Gospel proclaimed!  Goodnight!

Jared and two youth group boys work hard to clean all of the glass in the entryway to Jefferson Elementary.

Our students cleaned out and waxed every locker.

The principal shared with our students about his ministry in the school.

Brianna, Cari, Makyla, and Danielle organized the food at the pantry into groups for families according to their size.

Adam spent time getting to know this man who lived in the Fellowship Ministries house.

Team 320 did a mini-program for the children in Marywood tonight.

Team 320 joined Winona Lake students and children in the community for small-group discussion about kindness.

Amy and Danielle having some great discussion.

Reba and Cody got to know these children really well.

Taylor and Kaley invited this family to a carnival next week that Winona Lake is having, but they also got to share the gospel with them.

Marc prayed with this couple about their family.