Hanna was able to share her children’s story before the rain came.

A Fun Skit about Ester

I think the kids were having fun chasing Jacob R in the rain.


Alec and Matthew playing with some boys at the park


Erin making good conversation while we took shelter from the rain.


Hayley and Courtney bonding and recharging a bit on the water.


Jessie and Claire taking time to find restoration in the Word.



Today has been a great day for team 611. We started our day off with an hour with God than transitioned into some sharing time as a team. The group that got the opportunity to go to the jail last night shared some of what they had seen and experienced. The rest of the team also shared some of the cool thing that they have seen the Lord do in the past few days. It was a very refreshing time, it always is great to look back and see what God has done and what he has brought us through.

We loaded up the bus around 11am and headed back to Center Park to do another program for some local kids that were there. We got about half way through the program when it started raining. We quickly tore down all of our equipment and went to a pavilion where we had great opportunities to talk to families who were there with their kids and played with the kids as well! After people began to head home we loaded up and went to lunch at McDonalds quickly before heading to a house on Winona Lake.

Erin Cooper, one of the masterminds behind the Momentum conference lives there and was gracious enough to host us for the afternoon. We played hantis, Frisbee, went on boat rides, did some tubing and did some jet skiing as well. We had a great afternoon of bonding as a team and are all very thankful to Erin for opening up her home to us! We came back to CE National and the students were each given $1 to make dinner for the whole team. The students made and ate dinner than had team time for a while before heading to bed early.

Please continue to pray for these last few days. Pray that God uses each and every student and leader for His glory and that we are able to finish strong.