What a day today has been! We started off with breakfast and an hour with God, which was great. We met with our d-groups and got to talk for a while and it was great to catch up after a few days without meeting. The students worked on evaluation forms for a while than we took tours of grace college later in the morning. The students made lunch for themselves today and got to bond with each other through that in an awesome way which is always great!

We worked on projects around CE National for a few hours in the afternoon and were able to get a ton of work done! We washed windows inside and out in 3 different buildings, washed 5 cars and waxed 3, cleaned 92 lights and their covers, put away a lot of supplies we no longer need, set up, cleaned and took down 10 tents and did a lot of other yard work involving weeding, raking and various cleaning up. Needless to say, the staff of CE was very thankful and it was great to be able to bless them by doing all of that for them.

Alex spent some time teaching on discipleship going home than we hopped on the bus and went to Culvers for dinner. We all enjoyed the meal and had great opportunities to share Christ’s Love with people that we met there. After dinner we headed to a local house to hang out together as a team. We swam, relaxed and of course, watched part of the Olympics opening ceremonies. GO ‘MERCA! The team encouraged each other for a while in an encouragement circle than we headed back to CE to relax for a while before getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow is the students debriefing and we have some other cool stuff planned as well! Pray for a good last weekend and that team 611 and team 320 are able to bless many people with a combined service this weekend here in Winona Lake. Thanks for your prayers! We as leaders are so blessed by each and every student and are so grateful that we have the honor to lead and serve beside each one of them!