The boys showing the ladies some loving respect as brothers and sisters in Christ.



This morning we made breakfast for our students. It was awesome to be able to serve them and bless them with some amazing pancakes as well! We loaded up on the bus and headed over to Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church to meet up with team 320 for debriefing. TK debriefed the students for several hours and encouraged and exhorted them to continue striving towards God as they return home. Please pray with us that they find community and people back home to push them and for people that the students can push as well.

When debriefing ended we got on our bus and headed towards Ft. Wayne to spend the afternoon at the mall there. The students ate lunch than had the afternoon to look for opportunities and hang out together in a different setting. We as leaders also met with students to encourage them and express how much we love them.

We returned to CE National in the early evening and the guys on the team made dinner for everyone. We had some time to hang out while they were cooking and had a great conversations and hang out time. The guys served the ladies dinner and honored them as much as possible. We ate spaghetti and meatballs with Italian music going to set the mood for the evening. The guys did an awesome job serving and we as leaders are all very thankful for their servant hearts and their desire to respect and lead our ladies. We all ate together than heard Josh W and Michael F share their sermons. Alex did some teaching than we got ready for bed early.

Tomorrow we are doing a combined service with team 320 at Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. If you are in the area feel free to stop by and say hello! Pray that things go smoothly tomorrow and that we can share Christ’s Love with many people. Please also pray that we travel well tomorrow afternoon back to Polaris Grace Brethren Church for our last evening together. Pray more now than ever that our students finish strong and go home equipped and empowered to serve their friends, churches, schools and the world! Thanks!