Operation Barnabas International

OBI-July 10-Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, AGHHHHHH!! He is the King of Kings

WOW, we can’t believe that tomorrow is the day that we leave Boracay! It is bittersweet! We have fallen in love with the people, the culture and the island! Today was a great day! We started off by heading down to the school and tutoring and finishing up on our projects. The desks are officially done and we all got to be a part of putting them in the classroom and seeing how excited the kids were!!! We also started on some tables which we...

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OBI-July 9-Storms, Monkeys, and Teaching

Well folks, we made it through the storm of a lifetime. Last night we were all startled awake but the LOUD crash of thunder that shook our room! It was the craziest storm we have ever been apart of and in the midst, it was awesome to see it and remember how BIG and MIGHTY our God is! We all headed off to school a little early this morning because some of us had some special projects that we got to be apart of. Some girls helped teach in the...

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OBI-July 8-Church, Birthdays, and Serving….It’s awesome

It was another incredible day here in Boracay! The day started off with spending an hour with the Lord and diving deeper into His arms! We then had a great breakfast and headed off to church. This Sunday, we got the opportunity to be a part of the service. We were able to do speech choir, a choir song and a pantomime. It looks different with all girls, but they did an excellent job and the people said they forgot there were no boys and the...

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OBI-July 7-Happy Birthday Taylor!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Taylor!!! How exciting for her to get to celebrate her birthday in the Philippines!! The day started off with devotions with the Lord and then it was off to the school for finish up with the desks!! They are almost done! Only 2 more to finish!! It is great to see them finished and to know that we got to be a part of the kids getting desks is awesome! Every time the students walk by the room, they look in and get so...

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OBI-July 6- Party Time

Well, today was a great day! We got up a little early today so we could go to the school early and lead their chapel service again. It was another awesome time to share the gospel! Above the school is a community of people and a lot of them are muslim. On their walk up to their houses, they can see into the school and a lot of them stopped and watched the program. The girls did a great job! After the program we started tutoring and manual...

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OBI-July 5-Beef Jerky and Mom’s

WOW! What a great day! Started off in the Word and then it was off to the school! We tutored, sanded, painted and sang songs! Today, we also got the opportunity to bless the teachers and took over the game time and led that! It was a ton of fun and these kids sure do have a lot of energy! We will get to do this everyday until we leave! After work at the school, we headed back to the barn and enjoyed a great lunch! We had a little bit of free...

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