OB – June 25 – Last Day Of Orientation

Today was the last day of our orientation here at Powell. We split the students up in the morning and took about half of them to do laundry while the rest of them stayed at the church to work on some final preparations for the programs that we will be doing this summer. We all met back together at the church for lunch and some small projects than got back to work. Everybody ran through dramas, puppet songs, and skits to take care of any loose...

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“The most effective way to share the Gospel is the one that you use.”  This challenge was Ed Lewis’ main point in our first Sunday programs at Grace Church at Powell. OB students woke early this morning to shower, eat breakfast on the run, and prepare to serve at Powell’s regular Sunday services.  The students had a program prepared consisting of choir songs, dances, and speech choir.  It was such a thrill and a joy to...

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OB Orientation June 23 – Etiquette Dinner and Talent Show

Today has been another very busy day at Powell. Both teams have been hard at work putting together pantomimes, skits, choir songs, speech choir, puppets and other programming things, as well. The guys and girls split up for a bit and spent time working on writing sermons and putting together children’s stories that they will have the opportunity to share later this summer at different churches and programs. Grace College generously provided...

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OB Orientation : June 22 – Long Day; Short Post

It’s been a long day of 3 Groups, choir practices; speech choir, opportunities… and 3 Groups… seriously. On our first full day as teams we’ve spent a lot of time preparing the ministry programs that OB is publicly “famous” for.  These programs consist of puppets, dramas, pantomimes, dances, etc… all with the purpose of being an avenue through which to engage spiritual conversations about the Gospel and...

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OB Orientation June 21 – Teams Announced!

6/21/12 We spent time this morning working some more with Ed Lewis working on some more outreach training and also took some time to run through our choir songs as a group. During lunch, we had the opportunity to honor a woman named Cathy Fisher. She is an amazing lady from the greater Columbus area who is constantly “on mission” with her life. She is a high school teacher, a mentor to many young girls and an awesome prayer warrior. Thanks Mrs....

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