Team 320

Team 320 – Ready or Not -July 23, 2012

For our first full day back in ministry since Momentum, we began our day in Leesburg after getting back from host homes with an hour with God.  So good to see each of our students hungering after the Lord’s Words again and hearing the truth that He revealed to each of them both over Momentum and in that short hour in the morning.  We got a time after that to set up for an indoor block party with the church since it was raining.  OBers ran...

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Team 320 – Funny Toast – July 16, 2012

Meghan literally asked us if it was ok to tweet about funny toast over Momentum… I’m not joking… anyway… just thought you all should know that.  Anyway… woke up this morning to breakfast and an hour with God.  We then had an awesome opportunity to hear from Stacy Fay about what Christ is doing in our lives from Philippians 3.  After the sharing time, we went to Wal-Mart and then came back for lunch.  After lunch...

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Team 320 – Nap Time… JK. – July 15, 2012

God is just so good!  Today was just an awesome opportunity to see our Lord do exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine.  Team 320 woke up this morning to a quick breakfast and then a warm up for the program we ran for Sunday morning service here at the Happy Church. We got a break from our formal Sunday outfits today and just wore our logo shirts and jeans!!!  After the warm up, we spent some time in the Word and in prayer for our home...

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Team 320 – Tay Tay and Ray Ray in the Morning! – July 14, 2012

Admittedly… it’s been about a week since I’ve taken a shower… but hey… it didn’t matter today because with all the manual labor we did outside in the pouring rain… I made up for it! Today we woke up and went straight into breakfast provided by the Happy Church!!  THANKS GUYS!  The pancakes were awesome!  After breakfast, we spent an hour with God and Stephanie shared a teaching time on the tongue.  The...

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Team 320 – Seven – July 13, 2012

Six o’clock… that’s the time we left Covenant Church this morning and let me tell you… it was definitely an early one.  Obviously.  But really… earlier today I’m pretty sure Sarah said getting up in the “fives” is the worst thing.  Honestly… it wasn’t that bad… for us who got to sleep on the bus.   We arrived at the Happy Church in Jackson, Kentucky around noon and had a time to...

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