On behalf of the entire Kosciusko County Jail ministry team, we want to say a big “Thank You!” to the OB members from team “611” who visited with the inmates on July 25th.

Each of the eight teens, under the able leadership of Ben Palsha, were great ambassadors of Jesus Christ. They are: Alyssa “Al” Borwynski, Jamie Taylor, Hannah-Catherine Smith, Steven Yoder, Stephen Ateca, Micah Perry, Jacob Rumbolski and Nate Roberts.

For 4 1/2 hours they gave inspiration, comfort, and hope to more than 70 inmates, both men and women. Comments from the inmates were all positive as the team took charge of each session with songs and testimonies. In between the sessions, the team engaged the inmates in caring conversation and encouragement. The OB team got to hear testimonies from the inmates and were witnesses to an in-jail baptism. 

As we lingered outside the jail afterwards, talking over this ministry experience, our team sensed that God had touched the OB team in a special way. We know that God will use this experience to deepen their faith as they are used of Him in the future.

We would also like to thank the entire CE National team for their steadfast dedication to God in recruiting, training, sending and praying over the OB teams. A special thank you also to Alex McCue and Tim Clothier for their help in coordinating this event.

We thank God for each of you!

An email sent to TK, director of OB, by Andy Galvin – on behalf of the KCJM team – led by John Boren, jail chaplain.