Today has been an awesome day and the students are settling into their teams well! They continue to learn and prepare for our tours that start in four short days! Today started with choir and speech choir. The students continue to get better at their parts and as a whole. We also learned and played some children’s games that we will hopefully be able to use when we are in different communities. ┬áThe teams had a lot of fun getting to learn new things and blow off some steam playing games at the same time.
The next hour was very special where we got to spend time doing something that is unique to Barnabas. We spent an hour of our morning in Discipleship Groups, or “D-Groups.” D groups are small groups within teams where we as leaders get to interact on a spiritual level with some of our students. These groups went well and students and leaders are connecting well within their teams! We are grateful for these students and the different way we get to interact with them this summer!
After lunch, students took time to write home to their supporting churches and then went into three group practice for the majority of the afternoon. Students are learning puppet songs, pantomimes, dances, and different dramas to be able to use on tour in different programs.
After dinner the students spent more time in choir before heading to a challenge hour where we talked about servanthood. Students are open to learning and we as leaders are praying that they catch on to this idea quickly! We want them to understand this concept of servanthood in order for them to have an effective summer and be able to take what they learn here back home.
Today was an encouraging and productive day, and, like always, we are beyond grateful for your prayers!