It has been a full day serving with Brookeville Grace Brethren Chutch today! This morning started off a little slower with some team sharing and teaching times. It was a great opportunity to reconnect as a team and to hear how the Lord was at work during the week of Momentum. The sharing could have gone on forever, but we wrapped things up and headed to lunch at K’s.┬áLunch was truly a blessing because it was paid for by someone from the community who has heard about Operation Barnabas and wanted to bless us. We are so grateful for that encounter and for the people that made and served us lunch.
After lunch we came back to the church where we had another teaching time and then began setting up for the community wide carnival that was going on that evening. The carnival was a success and many people from the community were present and heard the gospel at least twice during our programs and time interacting with them. It was also a great opportunity to interact with the people of Brookeville GBC that were volunteering as well.
After the carnival, we headed out to a district wide youth group pool party. We were joined there by Team 314 and a bunch of students from local youth groups and even some that were not! It was an enjoyable time to get to interact with the area youth and talk to some people that did not know Jesus.
As always, we covet your prayers and are so grateful for them! Goodnight!