Today was a day full of ministry for Team 314 as we worked alongside Grace Polaris. This morning our students were able to clean the toys, indoor jungle gym, and many rooms within the children’s ministry. They enjoyed their time of cleaning and reminiscing of when they played with those toys as a child!
Our afternoon was spent in training for the parking crew we would be a part of for the Duck Dynasty event. They were trained in how to park and which order the parking lot would be filled. Within no time our students were parking cars, greeting the visitors, stamping hands, and having conversations with those who were arriving. During the second program we were able to do the Good Time Flash Mob as the opening act of the show! They were even then blessed to sit in and listen to Jase Robertson share about the show Duck Dynasty and the way that they share their faith through it. After a quick tear down and choir practice with Team 123 we are all headed to bed in preparation for our big day of ministry tomorrow!
Please join us in prayer tonight as there are a few individuals on our team who are not feeling well and we have a long last day of our summer tomorrow. We know God is a God of healing so we ask that you join us in prayer for that tonight! Thank you in advance for those prayers as we minister to Grace Polaris tomorrow with Team 123.