And the teams have been decided…

See the team divisions.
We had a full morning of outreach training and a devotional led by Ed Lewis. After lunch the students had opportunities to clean the facilities.
After the students were done with opportunities we had them gather in the gym. One of our previous OB leaders, Stacie, led them in a few children’s games that we used as a way to split up the teams.  The students were each given an animal to act out and then had to find the same animal by making that animals noise and that group was actually their teams. The students had no idea and were all very excited about the teams being split.  We then were to have our first team meeting and to find out what the vision of the teams were going to be.
We then moved on to breaking into our 3 groups and began to learn what the puppets, dramas, skits and pantomimes we will use throughout the summer.  The Northeast team headed to a pool party that a family from the church let them use and had time to bond as a team and get to know each other.  The Florida team had the opportunity to go to  Washington DC and they were dropped off and were able to walk around the different monuments and get to know each other and some of the team had the opportunity to share their faith with some of the people they came into contact with. The teams both headed back to the church and spent a little time working on stuff for the talent show.
Sarah Knepper led the challenge hour tonight and talked about how fear can hold us back from being used this summer and for the rest of our lives.  We all were able to write down what fear holds us back and we were able to give that fear up to the Lord and then tore up the paper and threw it away.  We were challenged to daily give that fear to the Lord and to not let it hold us back.
The teams split up and had one last meeting and talked about some goals for the summer.  It was a full day of being challenged, finding out teams and then bonding. We are ready to see what tomorrow holds!
Team Northeast (above)
Team Florida (above)
image (1)
Playing games before revealing the teams
image (2)
Team Northeast reacting to their team selection.
Team NorthEast planning their goals for the summer.
Students giving Josh Worley a standing ovation after he played the piano for special music time.
Team NorthEast enjoying a delicious dinner prepared for them by a local family.
Team NorthEast’s first trip on the bus together.