Todays joyous update is from Michael! Thank you for your prayers as today was our final Sunday in the Philippines but probably a favorite day for many 🙂

The day started with devotions at 6:30 with each of us sharing a goal for the remaining four days. After a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we took a boat to Panay and drove to Pastor Peter’s church for Sunday school. Afterwards, we put on a small program for the congregation which consisted of choir songs, speech choir, and our Trees pantomime. Following the sermon, the people of the church made some snacks for us: sticky rice, noodles, coffee gelatin, and EGG ROLLS! (mah favorite) We then drove 45 minutes to the Malindog Ati Tribe up in the mountains. We hiked to a raging waterfall, leapt off several cliffs, and nearly drowned (or at least we thought we were going to when we jumped in the first time!) in the crashing rapids below. In addition, almost all of the kids from the tribe followed us to the waterfall and we nearly drowned together, which definitely made it a once in a lifetime experience. Not everyone gets to swim with a bunch of cute and fun Filipino kids!!

After that amazing opportunity, we went to a feeding site in the same tribe and sang songs, made balloon animals, fed them food and vitamins, and told the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. That was a really cool opportunity because that particular tribe doesn’t hear about the Gospel that often. After that, we came back to the Vista and had dinner. IT WAS PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!! It was delicious. Nate shared his testimony at debriefing and really encouraged us all.

Update from Jade: One of the First Love International Staff went along with us today and took some pictures of us jumping into the water on his phone. So once I receive those pictures I will be sure to post them on the blog for all to see 🙂

Until then sorry for the lack of pictures from today as the internet is being slow again tonight! Hopefully I can upload a picture only blog in the morning 🙂