Team Buckeye- Day 2: Our Bus is Blue

Flexibility is not for the weak, but we will talk about that a little later.
The kids started off their morning refreshed from being blessed with host homes last night. We took that energy and brought it over to the local YMCA where we did three separate programs for the kiddos there. Something that really impressed us with this YMCA was the fact that it was not only ran by Christians, but just the fact that they share about Him every single day, with either bible stories, or memory verses. The programs were great and the kids seemed to enjoy it and were very interactive with us. On top of the funny puppets, silly dances and the bible lesson by our group leader David, we ended each program with the cross illustration.  If you have never seen anyone do this before, make sure that you ask one of us to show you. The end result of cutting the paper down the middle one time is a cross.  It draws kids in with the salvation story.  Click here to see pictures of the OBers interacting with the YMCA students.



While two of our groups were with the kids, the other group was able to help serve in a huge way around the building. They weeded, mulched, cleaned the parking lot and washed equipment inside.  Their attitudes were seriously the best, and while serving in a different way, they started to see another humble side to service. I think they may have wanted to wear the mulch just so they could take a shower at the Y while singing their favorite YMCA song.
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Once again we were blessed by our second home of the week-Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church. We needed to hit the road, so they prepared sack lunches for us. We were finally on the road and were able to have an hour alone with God.. which was much needed. Being able to set time apart for the Lord is something that  need so we could be filled again for the next thing, not only that but more importantly we begin to hear his voice and also begin to want to become more like him which builds good character.
So back to that thing about flexibility, you didn’t forget did you? So we’re going down the highway and all of a sudden shaking is coming from under the bus. A few minutes later we realize that we blew out our inside tire. Now keep in mind, the kids are excited about our next program and working with the kids; this wasn’t ideal for our schedule. We tell the team what is going on and let me tell you, they completely understood and were encouraging about the whole thing.  Shout-out to Team East who not only pulled over in emergency, but they also followed us to a safe place so we could wait for our other bus.  While waiting, we played spike ball and ninja. Also a testimony to the goodness of God was that we had two buses.  This was unusual addition to the drive for luggage.  The kids were able to switch buses and be on their way!  We left leaders Sam and Marc to get the vehicle serviced.  As those OB’ers shared with the mechanic about OB, what normally would have cost us over $300 dollars was only $75- they waived the installation and fees. Praise Him, oh praise Him for He is worthy.
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We made it to Grace Polaris for the end of their vacation bible school party and joined in whatever they needed us to do. There were tons of people there and it was great seeing the closeness of the church. After painting, balloon making, and bounce houses, we helped Kim from the church with clean up.  The students were able to bless, but we also received as they blessed us with ice-cream.  As the day came to an end, not only did we get to debrief as a team, but also allowed the kids some time to call their parents.
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All in all the day was one that required flexibility and the kids showed just that!  We couldn’t be more proud of them and their character.  Giving thanks to our faithful God for a great day!  God bless the teams!
Welcoming Barnabus Video
Much Love,
Team Buckeye