Team Buckeye- Day 9: Full on Equine

Life is precious. The ability to walk, to talk, to see. Even to be able to dream, to be able to carry on conversations with people.  Most of us are given that ability and boy how often we take it for granted. Today after having Jesus time, we went to a Christian ministry outreach called Happy Hearts. Happy it was! We worked with kids that were either mentally disabled or physically disabled.  We were split up into groups and switched doing crafts, seeing the mini horses and riding the big horses. Seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces was something that I think will be forever imprinted on our hearts. We were able to see what made them smile, or what made them mad. Having the chance to hang out with them all day was the greatest honor. After lunch, the group than did a program. Although it was a longer one, all the kids loved it! We got to dance with them and just have a blast. Ally B. had the chance to share her object lesson about not judging the outside appearance, which was fitting. After having to say our goodbyes to the great staff and the beautiful kids, I think we will say that it was hard to leave them, and that we miss them already. When we went back to the youth room where we are staying, we debriefed and man oh man.. .everything that they said was a beautiful sound to my ears. They understood that although the kids’ joy that makes them smile is one from the Lord and worth bottling up. Some realized how hard it must be on the parents.  They also that they should be grateful for the things that they have and are able to do. Some learned patience and to take life in strides. All in all, Happy hearts was one for the books and we hope to see the kids again.
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Happy trails, until we meet again!