Team Buckeye- Day 10: Students take the Pen

Today after much practice, Team Buckeye headed down to the North Market, the Gallery Hop in the Short North, and The Ohio State Campus.  Students had a chance to divide into groups and put into practice their servant and witnessing hearts, interacting with a variety of people from all walks of life and beliefs.  During the time downtown, we visited Goodale Park and had time with God and heard from Marc on hope in Christ.  Here is the ministry experience in some of their words.
“I talked with a mom and her family.  They were very friendly and open.  We asked if we could pray for them and they said they were Catholic.  They said they would love if we prayed for them, but thought we wouldn’t want us to pray for them once we knew they were Catholic.  Another man was selling papers for the homeless, and he was actually homeless.  We were able to pray for him and his ministry.”
“We met a homeless man called *James today.  His parents had died in a car accident when he was 7.  He has lived in Columbus his whole life.  He has a 9 year old son and a sister in town.  We prayed for protection and provision for Jack, and his son.  We ended up talking to him for a long time and got to share a little of the Gospel with him.”
“There was a man named *Peter who was homeless.  As we were split into groups two groups got to talk to Peter.  He has been in Columbus for 3 years and has been in and out of work.  He has been homeless for 3 months.  Elisha’s group got to provide a meal for him, as well as pray for him.  Levi’s group gave him money, a Bible and encouragement.  We were able to share the love of God with him.  It was amazing to see how willing he was for us to pray for him.  We believe that our prayer impacted him and we hope he can use the Bible to dig deeper into the knowledge of God.  He was a professing Christian, but does not go to church.  We will continue to pray for him and hope he can find a job.”
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Tomorrow we will be at Grace Polaris!  Rachel will be doing a live video on Facebook at 10AM EST and will find a way to share it with parents after the fact!
Much love and goodnight!
Team Buckeye