Team Buckeye- Day 11: A Little Taste of Heaven

Sunday morning at Grace Polaris Church began as the students arrived refreshed from a second night in host homes. We jumped right into warming ourselves up by fine tuning our speech choir, paired up for prayer, and then began meeting and mingling with the people of Grace as we awaited the start of the worship service.  We sang, we acted, we puppeted, and we worshiped. Our pantomime, “If We’re Honest,” involves the entire team as they bring their sins to lay down at the cross. It’s a challenge of confession and honesty, realizing that we’re not alone and that healing can only come from the grace found at the cross.  This led into a unique aspect for our team as leader Dave put on the Pastor Dave hat and preached at his home church in their continued series, “The Great I AM,” focusing on the “I AM” statements from the book of John.  The worship service ended as Dave invited the OB team to sing, “I Give You Me” while inviting the congregation to come forward if God was moving in their hearts to lay something down at the cross. Ericka and Levi both had opportunities to pray with individuals who came forward while many others could see the congregation visibly moved.  A few church attenders commented that this OB program seemed different than most…in a good way, in a way that exhibited spiritual depth and a strong focus on Jesus!  The morning truly was a taste of heaven as people we encouraged and moved to pursue righteousness that is found when we pursue Jesus.
OB Live from Grace Video Part 1:
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Pastor Dave Sermon- The Great I Am: The Bread of Life
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After the service, several students had a chance to join family, friends, and even host families for lunch, while the rest of the team enjoyed an amazing catered Italian pasta lunch…a little taste of heaven. (Thank you to our amazing host families!)
The afternoon was spent with God as students spread out all over the church building to dig into the word for an hour and then came back together to share with the team what God was showing them. Its always a highlight when we can sit face to face as a team to hear from each other what we’re learning, about the conversations we’ve had with people, and to pray together. Yet another little taste of heaven.
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From 4:00–4:30 p.m., the team was surprised with a mandatory team naptime! It was well deserved and very much needed. You guessed it…a little taste of heaven.
We awoke from our brief slumber and quickly boarded big blue and drove to Oakland Park Ave where we connected with families living in a low/no income housing complex. The rain was threatening to change our plans so we prayed…God moved and held off the rain and we were able to knock on doors, deliver buckets of “cleaning” items, and gather folks for a program. What a blessing it was to be among those with great needs and to have an opportunity to serve them. Truly, a little taste of heaven.

On our way to meet our host families for our third and final night we drove by the local Krispy Kreme as the Hot Now light was on…so of course, we stopped and all got a free hot doughnut. Another little taste of heaven.
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Team Buckeye out.
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